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Day 11    11th Sept

Treviso /Arte Therme

If the difficulty of a day’s riding is inversely proportional to the number of photographs that the team takes on the day, then this was a tough ride!

Distance: 150.7km Climb: 2,506m

mhealth Grand Tour 2014

30th August to 15th September. Barcelona to Vienna. 2300km ride, 33000m of climb.

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After a fairly straightforward first 60km the team reached the mountains and began some challenging climbs. The main climb came at Passo Rest which was a very winding climb up through forest that just seemed to go on forever! (Fritz took a photo (below middle) to record the route) The views across the mountains were absolutely stunning however and the team enjoyed a lunch stop near Meduno - popular with paragliders and hang gliders. Meduno regularly plays host to European Championships.

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The fine weather couldn’t last, and this was the first day on the tour that the team experienced some wet weather. It was a cold, wet start as the team left Treviso, heading north and towards the Italian Dolomites.

After a good stretch of downhill on a pretty rough road, it was another 200m hump to get over before the riders arrived in Tolmezzo. The rain was persistent throughout most of the day, so rather than sightseeing the Team were happy to get into the hotel and relax with hot showers and baths. Hopefully they will recoup well for tomorrow’s ride which is the second hardest day of the entire tour with climb of just under 4000m!