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Day 13   13th Sept

Klagenfurt /Graz

This turned into a bit of a non-day for many of the riders. After heavy rain and thunderstorms were forecast most of the team decided to take the safe option and avoid any potential accidents by sitting out a day’s riding. A handful of riders braved the conditions however and thankfully all arrived at Graz unscathed.

Distance: 154.7km Climb: 2,517m

mhealth Grand Tour 2014

30th August to 15th September. Barcelona to Vienna. 2300km ride, 33000m of climb.

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So how about a few photos taken behind the scenes today? For a lucky few on the tour, it’s just a case of getting up in the morning and cycling, for others there is more to do.

Image below left, one of the cyclists on the medical study have their daily weigh-in recorded.

Image below middle and below right, Midge attaches a Dexcom sensor to Fritz’s arm in order to take continuous blood glucose readings.

Image bottom left, Richie Mitchell checks over the mechanics of one of the bikes. Image bottom middle - the team charge up their kit after a day’s cycling! Image bottom right a relaxing evening meal to catch up and finish the day.

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As it turned out, those out cycling actually got the best of the weather - the rest of the team arriving in Graz earlier on in the day saw the worst of the rain and were no doubt pleased to hear that those who cycled missed being drowned out! Later on in the day, the sun did come out enough to take some photos around Graz, including the burgeoning river. It looks a truly stunning city.

Graz. It is a world heritage site and is also the birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger. TeamBG’s Josefin Palmen was also lucky enough to go to University here!

Additionally, members of TeamBG - Paul and Midge work to help to ensure that all the necessary data is gathered for the medical study being conducted by Imperial College London and also provide content for the daily updates back in HQ.

All in all there are a lot of people to thank for helping to make the tour run smoothly and effectively. Thanks to all of them!

There are a team working away to make the tour run smoothly - people like Adam Denton who is the tour organiser. He ensures that the riders are thoroughly briefed for each ride. There are then guides and support staff riding along with the team, keeping people on the right route and motivating the riders. There are support crew that provide the feed stops (possibly the most important job!) and who are also there to offer a lift to anyone struggling. Mechanics such as Richie (left) keep the bikes in order and medics and physios keep the cyclists in order!