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Day 15   15th Sept

Annaburg /Vienna

The final day takes us into Vienna city centre.  We officially finish at the EASD conference (but will then ride onto our hotel for dinner).  The morning brings us down from Annaburg so should be a relatively comfortable day to finish on

Distance: 139.2km Climb: 1566m

mhealth Grand Tour 2014

30th August to 15th September. Barcelona to Vienna. 2300km ride, 33000m of climb.

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This is by no means an easy day’s riding, but it is at least mainly downhill. The team head towards the Danube, picking up riders from local Austrian cycle clubs, before making their way into Vienna. They are due to arrive at the annual diabetes conference EASD (the European Association for the Study of Diabetes) at approximately 4.30pm, and will be met by the Austrian Diabetes Association, the International Diabetes Federation and others.

The team will have completed a journey of over 2300km, having set off from Barcelona (the venue of last year’s EASD conference). TeamBG are flying the flag for the patient (our) voice in diabetes. Demonstrating that with the right training, tools, education and management, people with diabetes can accomplish anything.

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The team arrived in style! Thankfully the sun shone on their last day, and after a fantastic stretch of cycling into Vienna the team even had time to stop off for a quick coffee before their arrival!

This has been a fantastic tour - a phenomenal ride over fifteen days taking in the toughest climbs in Europe including the mighty Mt Ventoux. This will surely be a journey to remember!

Movie of this year’s tour HERE!