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Day 2    31th Aug

Girona /Saint-Cyprien

One of the highlights (literally) of this ride was crossing out first border and leaving Spain to enter France on the upper-most point of a mountain top! What should have been a fairly comfortable ride was actually made more difficult with baking temperatures.

Distance: 143km Climb: 2,489m

mhealth Grand Tour 2014

30th August to 15th September. Barcelona to Vienna. 2300km ride, 33000m of climb.

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At about half way there was the one significant climb of the day.  From 80km – 120km. At roughly the halfway point, and just before lunch the tour took the team past one of the notable points of interest for the day - the site of the former Benedictine Monastery St Pere de Rodes founded in 878 (image below left)

The climb turned out to be a long and challenging one - made harder for the high temperatures which were beginning to climb over thirty degrees again. Image below left is a shot of one group of the tour making their way towards the climb.

Everybody was happy to finally reach the border at the top of the mountain, and there were plenty of relieved faces proud of their achievements. Some glorious views came as a welcome bonus.

After lunch, the journey became a remarkably challenging one with so called ‘punchy’ climbs becoming energy sapping in the soaring temperatures. Hats off to Shahzad (image above middle) who struggled to keep up (after a bit of a late start), but nevertheless with his guardian mhealth angel ‘Suzy’ did a brilliant job and showed real grit and determination.

It was a relief to arrive in St Cyprien, where for some a plunge in the swimming pool was too good an opportunity to miss. For others a relaxing evening meal and and an early night’s sleep was on the cards. Day 3 after all will be the longest day of this stage.

After a pleasant night’s rest in Girona, the tour continued back out towards the coast again. Further on, the journey took us over a mountain range to progress into France by late afternoon.

Yesterday the team split into about three groups - to match people’s riding ability. With the TeamBG kit in the wash, the riders looked a bit of a motley crew but there was plenty of team spirit to make up for it.

The first section of the ride was an easy introduction into the second day, with a good stretch of flat riding and the riders made good progress.

The riders took a few group photos in Girona and e-route at the beginning of the day.

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