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Day 3    1st Sept

Saint-Cyprien /Palavas-Les-Flots

For those who recall the film ‘Finding Nemo’ and remember where Dory sings ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming’, today’s ride would have been ‘Just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling’. This was a LONG day of cycling! Not taxing in the way of climbing, just a lot of miles to travel.

Distance: 186.1km Climb: 1,222m

mhealth Grand Tour 2014

30th August to 15th September. Barcelona to Vienna. 2300km ride, 33000m of climb.

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After a long stretch of exposed flat riding along the coastline, the riders came to Sete, which occasionally features in the Tour de France - last time in 2012. There were some extremely strong crosswinds over this part of the ride. (Below middle a snap of someone fishing in Sete).

After a very long day, the team eventually arrived in coastal town of Palvas-Les-Flots. With it being Andy Woolfson’s Birthday today, the riders enjoyed sharing in celebrations (and a Birthday cake!).I am sure Andy will have had a most memorable Birthday!

The ride from Saint-Cyprien to Palvas-Les-Flots was the longest leg of the stage, and the 2nd longest ride of the tour. Thankfully there were long sections of flat road, and nice stretches along cycle paths.

With so many miles to cover, the team pushed on and ate up the miles through the morning, as there were 110km to cover before lunch! Conditions were good - not as hot as the previous days, but with some strong winds which made for energy-sapping cycling. Those who spent the greater part at the front of the peloton will certainly have won some friends over this ride!

After a morning of determined cycling riding into a headwind, the team finally made it to their lunch stop and tucked in to a welcome plate of food.

Today we have to thank Hugh Anderson (one of the epic mHealth tour riders) for most of the photographs here. Hugh was willing to hang around into the early hours persevering with a horribly slow internet connection in order to load up photos from the day!. Thank you Hugh for some amazing shots of the tour.

Later on in the day, the tour took the riders through the beautiful old city of Narbonne which used to be a port and major city in Roman times, but which now lies some 15km in from the coastline. Here some of the team had an opportunity to take in the sights (images below) and enjoy a leisurely coffee before heading on again towards Agde.

Image above a property in La Palma was still waking up when the riders passed through the town! Below are some photos taken of the salt marshes in Bages after lunch. Richie (below top) is one of the mHealth tour guide ‘heroes’.

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