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          Stage 3 Day 8  - 13 September 2013

Stage 3 Day 8.  Voreppe to Bourg Saint Andeal

Back on the road again!’ - and a bit on a bumpy one at that! This was never going to be an easy ride through the mountains after a day’s rest. There were a few stiff legs as the team continued on their journey south through the stunning ‘Vercors Regional Natural Parc’ , now into the third stage of the tour. The riders carefully made their way along mountain roads, avoiding some rocky outcrops, and watching for falling debris! If the team weren’t in riding hats, they probably would have been given hard hats for the day!

Two significant climbs were made on this leg - but boy the views were worth it! The route took the riders through some small villages, most notably the small town of ‘Crest’ - a place notable for having one of the highest medieval keeps in France. The tour took on a Provancale feel as it neared Pierrelatte - a stone’s throw from Bourg Saint Andeal.

During the ride, the team are careful to keep track of their blood glucose levels (Simon Picking (above left) checks his insulin pump).

After the ride the team thoroughly enjoy a deep leg massage to release any knots and ease tense muscles - you can tell how much they enjoy it by the look of pain and anguish on Paul’s face! (above)

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We’ve had a couple of Birthdays to celebrate in the team this week - Simon Picking had a Birthday on the 10th, and Pierre-Louis Verot on the 13th. The Team were happy to celebrate with them, on what I am sure will prove to be a Birthday that they will remember for years to come.

Happy Birthday guys!!!